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Created under the leadership of the World Health Organization and T.C. We aim to serve human health by our expert employees by using modern technology in accordance with the Current Good Manufacturing Practices (c-GMP) rules supported by the Ministry of Health, by following the regulations that must be complied with within the scope of ISO 9001/13485.

• With the awareness that there can be no second quality in health, we follow all current practices and aim to produce and sell the serums injected directly into patients under the standard conditions determined for them.

• We consider providing convenience in terms of patient use as a part of our corporate culture, and we see continuous development and increasing the product range as a principle.

• Our basic philosophy is to continuously improve our quality management system with trained personnel to achieve our goals.

• We implement an effective quality system in the process of delivering the product from the raw material entry to the end consumer during the preparation stages of the product, and ensuring customer satisfaction by adopting a human-oriented production vision with system follow-up is among the priorities of our company.

• It is the basic responsibility of our employees to ensure the movement and control of all departments within the company within the framework of the quality principles determined in line with the same target.

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Ostafarma Medical

Company Profile

ÖSTAFARMA is a company that offers various products and services in the field of medicine, aesthetics, medical devices and health in international trade. Our portfolio is constantly expanding with new products and we provide services to ensure customer satisfaction and trust.

Thanks to our strong collaborations with local and foreign companies and experts, we are able to offer the best solutions for finding new and innovative products, developing new markets, creating strategic business plans.
To stand out from the rapidly changing industry, we continue to analyze markets and follow the latest trends to supply the best quality products and services at affordable prices.

Building on our years of knowledge, experience and global network, we aim to establish mutually beneficial long-term partnerships with you.

Östafarma Medikal was founded by Ali İhsan ŞİMŞEK and Tunç YILDIZLI as a result of long-term international experience and R&D studies.

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Distributorship and Distributor Application

"Östafarma Medikal closely follows technology to provide its customers with the best service through its visionary structure.

Our distributors throughout Turkey handle the sales of the products we distribute. You can apply to become one of our esteemed distributors."

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Ostafarma Medical

We Produce Ministry of Health Approved Products!

Products whose R&D projects have been completed by our experts with a unique product and user experience...

  • Ministry of Health Medical Device UTS Registered
  • Class III, KFDA, Medical Device, Injectable Certified
  • Approved by the European Health Organization


Worldwide Partners

We Research, Develop and Produce Products to Ensure You Always Get the Best Results!

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Ostafarma Medical

Ostafarma Workshops

As Östafarma Medikal, she successfully carried out Cadaver Dissection Training, Complication Filling & Thread Applications Training, Dermal Fillers and Filler Applications Trainings that we have organized in different cities of our country.

  • Training Opportunity by Expert and Competent Physicians
  • Participation and Training Certificate
  • Ministry of Health Approved Product Trainings
Workshops Academy


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